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Introduction: Brown Dog Gadgets Solar Dash Charger

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We held our Brown Dog Gadgets Solar Charger Instructables Build Night during the Land O'Lakes Library Makerspace Open House, and invited people to play with the solar chargers and brainstorm ideas. Most of the ideas came back to the basics: Use the solar charger for its intended purpose - charging gadgets - and creating easy ways to do that.

While there are multiple charging devices for vehicles, the solar wallet offers a couple of convenient advantages for charging devices in a car:

  • If your existing charging receptacle in your car is in use by another device, like a dash mounted GPS (that you prefer using over your phone for whatever reason), having an alternative charging option is useful
  • If your car is off, you can still charge your phone or device (during the day, of course!)

Step 1: Materials

Pretty straight forward - You need:

  • A car dashboard (preferably attached to a car)
  • A Brown Dog 5W Folding USB Solar Cell
  • A USB cable Hook & Loop fastener
  • And a cell phone or whatever other small device you want to charge

Step 2: Attach Hook & Loop to Solar Wallet & Car Dashboard

Attach hook and loop to either end of the solar wallet, and corresponding pieces to your dash.

Step 3: Attach USB Cable to Solar Wallet

This step is optional, but you may want to incorporate it so you'll always have your USB cable with you. Just attach a small strap of hook & loop to the cable, and then you can attach it to one of your existing hook and loop fasteners on your solar wallet.

Step 4: Attach Wallet to Dash

Match up your hook and loop sections and press in place

Step 5: Charge!

Next time you're stuck waiting in the car for someone and don't want to waste gas idling, throw your solar wallet on the dash, plug in and you're charging!

Step 6: Store and Go

Tuck the whole kit and caboodle in the glove box and you're always prepared!

Check out our Solar Powered Backpack Charger for another nice use of the Brown Dog Gadgets solar wallet.

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    6 years ago

    5w seems pretty low to charge a smart phone or iPad P=IV, 5w/5v=1amp. Which is nothing, it should be at least 3.5 amps.


    7 years ago

    is this an advertisement?


    Reply 7 years ago

    No, at least not on our part. Brown Dog Gadgets provided solar wallets for a March Build Night. When you participate in a build night, you're asked to submit at least two Instructables using the item provided. We tinkered around with a few ideas with the solar chargers, and the first two we've posted are among the most basic uses of the device. It's a nice USB solar cell and can be incorporated into a variety of different uses - but at heart, it's a USB solar cell.

    One of the nicest uses we saw of it is this neat bag by a makerspace in Mexico :

    We also have a backpack version which seems to have the most useful application, to my mind. But no, it's not intended as an ad, but as one fulfillment of the Instructables requirement for a build night.