Introduction: Brushing Teeth Reminder

Remember to brush your teeth before sleeping!!!

This device reminds me to brush my teeth before I go to sleep.


Light sensor

LED light bulb

Alligator Clips with Pigtails

Various kinds of Wires

A clean box and paper

Step 1: Structure of the Device

Light Sensor: Senses is the light turned on or off and arranges by the coding (the rays of light).

LED Light Bulb: When the Light sensor senses the light, and the LED light bulb will flash.

Alligator clips with pigtails: Makes the LED light bulb extend, to reach outdoor.

Speaker: When the Light sensor senses the light, and the speaker will immediately let out sounds.

Step 2: Coding

Set up the light sensor, LED light bulb, and speaker.

Step 3: Make the Appearance

Take a clean box and a piece of paper. Put the circuit board inside the box.

Step 4: How It Works in Real Life

When I turn on the light, the "brushing teeth reminder" will ring and reminds me to go to brush my teeth instantly.

On the other hand, when I turn off the light, the reminder will stop.