Introduction: Brushless DC Electric Motor (with Hall Sensor)

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This DCelectric motor project uses a Hall sensor to detect the position of the rotor and turn on the electromagnet in the precise moment.

Step 1: Overview of Device

Step 2: Circuit Diagram & Main Components

Sensor: UGN-3503-U hall sensor

IC1: LM358N (dual OP amp)

IC2: CD4001 (quad NOR gate )

FET1: IRFD120 (N-channel power mosfet)

This circuit is the same I used in my previous post "magnetic pendulum" . For additional details, refer to post.

Step 3: Hall Sensor

Step 4: Direction Detector

Step 5: 20mS Monostable ( Electromagnet ON Time )

Step 6: Output Mosfet Drives Electromagnet

Step 7: Electromagnet & Rotor Details.


1) electromagnet north pole UP

2) rotor north poles OUT

3) hall sensor branded side UP

Step 8: For More Details Watch Video. Thank You!