Introduction: Bubble Blaster

in this instructable you will learn how to make a bubble blaster. This is based on the bubble flute. Don't forget to vote for this instructable, i hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need the littleBits premium kit, scissors, tape, plastic cup, Xacto knife, and a nerf gun (you may need to attach it differently depending on your nerf gun).

Step 2: Making the Circuit Board

To make the circuit board you need the following littleBits modules: fan, roller switch, 2x wires, and the power supply. These can all be found in the littleBits premium kit.

Step 3: Cutting Cups

Cut a hole around the recess on the bottom of the cup with a xacto knife.

Step 4: Wrapping the Paper

Use a hole puncher to punch holes in a sheet of cardstock so the air can flow through the bottom of the fan, then w
wrap the cardstock sheet around the fan and then tape the opposite end of the paper to the nerf gun. I made a mistake in the picture where I had not punched the holes through it and the air wouldn’t flow through it and the bubbles wouldn’t blow. Just read the steps and don’t follow the pictures for this step.

Step 5: Fan Attachment

Attach the fan to the bottom of the plastic up where we cut out the recess

Step 6: Arrange the Wires

I arranged my wires by taping the power supply on top of the gun, then attached it to one of the wires and attaching the other end of the wire to the roller switch and taped the roller switch to the trigger of the gun then we plugged the other wire from the roller switch to the fan. The arrangements of the littleBits may change depending on your nerf gun model

Step 7: Bubble Solution

to make the bubble solution you need to add water and dish soap in a bowl and stir until it looks good. Then enjoy your bubble blaster!!!!

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