Introduction: Bubble Blower 1000

This is an overview on how to constrict the Bubble Blower 1000, a simple bubble making device that is fun for the whole family!

Step 1: Gather Tools & Materials

1 package of non bendy plastic straws(wide straws make bigger bubbles)

2 rubber bands

1 roll of duck tape

1/2 cup for water

2 table spoons of dish soap

1 empty plastic two liter bottle

Box Cutter


Step 2: Cut Off the Bottom of the 2 Liter Bottle

Take the box cutter and 2 liter bottle. SAFETY WARNING: Be carful when using the box cutter and make sure to keep fingers away from the blade and to cut in a slow controlled motion. Cut the bottom off of the 2 liter bottle 1 inch from the bottom of the bottle. Next use the scissors to straighten the cut out. Always cut away from yourself when using scissors.

Step 3: Rubber-banding the Straws

Gather enough straws to to fill the bottle and two rubber bands. Grip the straws with one hand and wrap the rubber band around the straws so the rubber band grips the straws abound 1 inch from the end of the straws. Grab the other rubber band and wrap it around the straws on the other end 1 inch from the end with out a rubber band on it so the 2 rubber bands hold the straws steady.

Step 4: Taping the Straws

Take the cut 2 liter bottler and the straws wrapped in rubber bands. Put the straws in the hole that was cut into the 2 liter bottle. If the 2 liter bottle does not grip the straws tight enough grip the straws in place, then add 1 layer of duck tape around the straws to increase the diameter of the straws bundled together. After adding a layer of duck tape try to insert the straws into the 2 liter and repeat this until the straws firmly sit in the 2 liter bottle.

Step 5: Make the Seal

Take more duck tape tape over the seal where the straws and the bottle connect. Seal the straws to the bottle making the connection from the bottle to the straws airtight.

Step 6: Test the Seal

Test the seal made with the duck tape by blowing air through the 2 liter. If it is done correctly the air will only escape through the straws. If air escapes in other spots use duck tape to create tighter seal.

Step 7: Prepare Bubble Solution

Fill up the bottom of the cutoff 2 liter with water about halfway. Take dish soap and add about 2 table spoons soap to make a bubble soap solution. Stir the soap into the water thoroughly.

Step 8: Blow Some Bubbles!

Dip the tip of the straws into the bubble soap solution to cover the tip of the straws. Continue to breath through the 2 liter bottle to create bubbles.