Introduction: Bubble Blower

Bubbles “Kishun”

How long we dip the bubble wand into the soap water and blow the air by mouth for making bubbles? Really it is boring when making bubbles and POP the bubbles by hand simultaneously. Why can’t we make a machine for that? The dream comes true. Yes, Master. Shre Kishun, who is studying 7th Standard in Sourashtra Higher Secondary School, Madurai, and his father Mr.Ganesh babu, jointly created a Battery operated Bubble Making Machine in the last summer. Fill the soap water in a plastic box and start the machine. Suddenly we will get hundreds of bubble flying on air around us. We will get more bubbles to pop it by hands. It is really enjoyable. If you want to see the demo video please go to the internet, type and search “bubble project shre kishun”. Anyone can make this easily. The procedure is given below.

Step 1: Procedure

First take the plastic bottle cap and make 8 holes around the outer surface to fix the bubble wand.

Then make a hole to fix the Mini Motor for rotating the plastic bottle cap.

To fix mini motor in this hole and screw in the bottom portion of the cardboard box.

Fix the mini fan in the top portion of the cardboard box.

Pour soap oil into the wide plastic tub until to dip the bubble wand.

Connect the mini motor and mini fan through wire

and make the connection to the battery. That’s it. You will get hundreds of bubbles per minute. Enjoy!