Introduction: Bubble-ponic System, Poor Mans Hydro Garden

Ever wanted a Aero garden but couldn't afford one, or do you just like gardening and trying differant things. Well here is a neat project to try with stuff most people have laying around!

--Tools needed for the build--
1.Razor knife
3.Drill bits
--Items for the build--
1.Old Cleaned out bucket or deep container with lid
2.Fish tank air pump (If you grow in a larger container you will need a larger pump)
3. Fish tank air tubing
4.Fish tank air stone
5.plastic pot for planting in ( must be smaller than bucket lid)
6.Light for growing your plant (i used a 60watt CFL bulb)
7. black trash bag (for covering the bucket)
--Items for pot--
1.Lava rocks
2.Coconut fiber

Step 1: Clean the Bucket

step 1.
clean you bucket and lid  with warm soapy water dry off and let air dry completely.

Step 2: Air Hose Hole

Step 2.
Drill a hole in the side of your bucket just under the lid (so water wont leak out)

Step 3: Bubble Stone

step 3. secure you bubble/air stone to the bottom of your bucket (i used clear water-proof silicone) Make sure you let it dry completely before going any farther.

Step 4: Air Pump Connection

Step 4. Insert you air tubing through the hole you drilled on the upper portion of your bucket and connect it to the air pump and bubble stone.

Step 5: The Lid

Step 5.Now for the lid. What ever plastic container you are going to use as  your planter (whats going to support your plant) cut out an opening slightly smaller than the planter in the lid. a good planter idea is to use a round plastic container for storing leftover food.

Now check and make sure it fits and doesn't fall into the bucket. make adjustments if necessary. My hole was a little to big so i put rubber bands around my planter to make it fit.

Step 6: Planter Holes

step 6. now Take your planter and put holes on the bottoms and sides. size of holes is up to you but remember this is where the roots will grow through so they have to be decently sized. after all you holes are in your planter clean out the plastic shavings so they don't get in your bucket.

Step 7: Grow Medium

Step 7. Grow medium. you can use actual hydroponic grow medium called (hydroton) but i used what i had laying round the house.

I filled the planter with lava rocks and then placed some moist coconut fiber on top of the middle of the rocks.

Step 8: Water and Plant Food

Step 8. Fill your bucket 3/4 full with cold water add some plant food following directions on container

It would be more ideal to use veggie plant food but this is what i had so i tried it

Step 9: Lighting

You need a lap or light that can be adjusted above the plant as it grows. Use anything what will work, i used a lamp and a 60 watt CFL bulb.

Step 10: Enjoy!!

Step 9.
Plug in your air pump and plant your seeds

Do not turn on your lamp until after your seeds have sprouted

note you will need to change your water about every two weeks and add plant food and lower your water level once the roots reach through your planter

and soon your plant will be growing

Also i covered my container in black plastic because the light need to be blocked  from the roots. you can paint your bucket if you want. i didnt because i am just experimenting. and have not had any problems with my water turning green or anything yet.