Introduction: Kitchen Skills: Blue Cheese Dressing

An Essential Kitchen skill in my mind is Blue Cheese Dressing, It can be used for so many things. Such as Burgers, Buffalo wings, salad, Fries and you can even get creative and figure out what else it pairs well with.

This dressing is probably the easiest thing i have ever made , and it tastes great. Im going to go ahead and say that it will taste better than any Store bought blue cheese dressing you have ever had.

So here we Go...

Step 1: Mason Jar

first off The mason jar is really important. If you don't put your dressing in a glass jar it will turn all watery and nasty, i don't really know why but it does trust me!

Step 2: Ingredients

Three Ingredients For awsome blue cheese dressing is quite amazing isn't it.
1. Whole Head of Garlic

Yes we use all of it. But if you want less use less.

Step 3: Ingredients

2.Hellman's Real mayo

Use the whole jar!

Step 4: Ingredients

3. Crumbled Blue Cheese
You Can actually use as much as you want but i used a 5oz. container

Step 5: Lets Start!

Get a Medium sized mixing bowl, and dump in the mayo.

Step 6: Garlic

Take your head of Garlic and break it apart into separate cloves. Use as much as you like i use a whole head, because i like garlic alot!

Step 7: Thats Assault......No Its Garlic!

Take the side of a chefs knife and use it to smash each clove of garlic by pounding your fist against the flat side of the knife.

After you Pound all of your garlic cloves, take off the skin and discard!

Step 8: Mince It

Now use your chefs knife to mince your garlic, which means chop it up as small as you can. You can not mess this up, so dont worry chop it the best you can!

Step 9: Add It All Together

Add your garlic into the bowl and blue cheese... Simple!

Step 10: Mix It Up

Mix it all up really good until everything is combined well.( I used a rubber spatula)

Step 11: Finished!

Now Take your bowl of dressing and Stick it in the Glass Mason Jar, this can be tricky i just spoon it in, and it works fine.

Also refrigerate your dressing for 24 hours before you use it, it lets the garlic and cheese flavor seep into the mayo. but you can take a little taste now just to test it !

Now you Know the basic kitchen skill of the extremely versatile Blue cheese dressing!!!!

P.S. Leave me a message or comment if you try this, let me know how you used it, and how awesome it was!!!!