Introduction: Bucket Identification System

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Step 1: Buckets Are a Dumb Thing to Talk About...

Buckets are a dumb thing to talk about. However they are pretty useful. I use a few different 5 gallon buckets in my shop for different purposes.

Step 2: Cardboard...

Get a box or piece of cardboard and prepare to cut out the "T" shapes. If you use a box, break it down into a sheet of cardboard.

Step 3: Surviving the Cut(s)

We are making a "T" shape here. The dimensions are shown above. The bottom piece of the "T" is important to attach it to the bucket, so don't cut it off.

Step 4: Plain White "T" 's

I spray painted the top of the shapes with white primer so the black sharpie I used to label would show up better.

Step 5: Label

I used a sharpie to write on the paint. Be careful not to jump the gun like I did and write on the paint before it's dry.

Step 6: Attaching to Buckets

I used a piece of duct tape to attach the "T" s to the buckets.

Step 7: You're Done.

Now that you have completed all these steps, you have labeled buckets. *yay!*. You can also use the attachments as a backboard to play trash toss, and obnoxiously yell "Kobe!". The possibilities are endless. All because you became slightly more organized.

Step 8: Contests...

I am entering this in the unusual uses challenge because of my uses for the buckets and cardboard.

I am entering this in the reuse contest because I reused a cardboard box, and got the buckets for free second hand.

I am entering this in the before and after contest because the buckets were unlabeled and unorganized before this modification and now they are organized.

Thank you for reading!!!

YouTube video coming soon. (Will be linked)

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