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Introduction: Bucket Racing Seat

Hi, I'm a car racing fan and thinking about to make my own sim cockpit a long time.

So I started looking for a racing seat to use, but one day I wonder why buy if I can make it.

Google for a while and found this site http://kit-car.org/ with this seat template http://kit-car.org/Files/Buggy/Seat.pdf

I made few adjustments like the bottom seat belt holes and joined all parts to cut all template from one metal sheet.


1 - Metal sheet 1.5mm (140cm x85 cm)

1 - Black fabric (~ 150cm x 280cm)

1 - Red fabric (~ 60cm x 280cm)

1 - 2.5cm foam (~ 100cm x 50cm)

1 - 5cm foam (~ 100cm x 50cm)

1 - Red 3d printer filament,

Step 1: Frame

Start printing the seat template in real scale. I used A4 sheets glued them all together and cut.

Next use the template on top of metal sheet and scratch the line.

Using a circular saw and a jig saw, for rounded lines, cut the metal sheet. For seat belt holes use a drill to make a hole then use the jig saw.

Now just bend and weld and the frame is ready.

Tip: If you don't have a machine to bend the metal sheet you can make a little cut ~2mm with the circular saw on the outside of the bend line, then use the bench border and press the metal. the cut will help you to bend straight lines.

Step 2: Foam

For make seat more confortable I cut a pieces of foam and glue them to the frame.

Used 2.5mm foam for top and back and 5mm foam for side and bottom.

To give more support for legs I made a round foam with 3 layers as shown.

The side foam are shaped to make the top edge a little rounded and on top to make a smooth transaction to the 2.5mm foam

Step 3: Fabric

To cover the seat I use a two tone black/red colors. its my first time on a sew machine but it went quite well.

Start by cutting the template in parts that will be used to cut the fabric. have to cut two of each one for inside and outside, except C and J.


- For outside I cut A and B as a single piece.

- Pieces have to be cutted a little bigger so you can sew them to each other and left a room for foam in the inside ones.

- C is a separeted cushion that I can pull off.

- J is not sew to the rest of the cover to be easier to sew and mount.

Then cut the seat belt holes and start to sew pieces to each other.

For reinforcement and style i finished with a red double stitching on the edge all around over a strip of fabric ~5cm placed inside the cover under de edge.

Step 4: Seat Belt Covers

To finish I print red 3d pieces for seat belt holes.

The pieces are printed in two parts inside and outside which fit together.

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4 months ago

Inspired by Ur design and plans. Thank you so much buddy. Awesome work. I will put to good use. Happy days 🙏🏻


Question 4 years ago on Introduction

What is the size of the frame/blueprint


Reply 4 years ago

Each square is 5cm x 5cm. Total frame is 100cm x 145cm


Reply 4 years ago

Each square is 5cm x 5cm. Total frame is 145cm x 100cm.

Attached a pdf with blueprint in A4 sheets to glue together


7 years ago on Introduction

Wow, this is a really impressive seat! I love the color scheme you chose too.

Very nicely done!