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Introduction: Budget Bug Out Bag

About: Hi Guys, My name is sleepydude but my real name is Alex, i hope to do projects related to prepping and archery :D

Hi Guys, I am doing a very basic bug out bag for around 50-60 bucks

This bag a gift for a family member who wants to get in to prepping and bushcraft, so i spent 50 bucks to get him in to it :D

I didn't add an axe/hatchet or knife to this due to it up to the person to decide what they want and it would off costed more, i would recommend a something like a mora companion if u wanted a good budget bushcraft knife

I also did a video on the bag if u prefer to watch the video do so or u can keep on reading it here

Step 1: The Contents

Complete List With What Prices I Paid :

Backpack $15
AA 24 and AAA 12 Battery's $6

Tarp $5

15m Paracord $4.50

Torch $3

Knife, Fork Spoon Set $3

Duck Tape $3

Pegs $3

Lighter $1.50

Two Items I Got On Sale

Spam $2.45

Bleach $2.25

Stuff That I Had And Decide To Chuck In

Plastic Bottle - u can find one in your home most likely

Aluminum bottle - u may have one but i see these go 5-30 depends on were u look

Step 2: The Bag

It is has two compartments a main one and a small one and two side pouches for water bottles also the backpack straps are adjustable and have some padding not bad for 15 bucks :D

-The main one contains the tarp, duct tape pegs, flashlight, batterys and has the spam in it or what ever actual food items in there

-The smaller one has the lighter the knife, fork spoon, paracord and lighter

-The drink bottles go in the two side pouches

Step 3: Shelter

The tarp can be used as bivi bag / sleeping bag or as a shelter to help protect u form rain, wind, frost and hot days for shade

-To make a survival bivi bag fold the tarp in half and fold it again then
duct tape around the edges to prevent rain or cold air getting in

-If you are planning on using it often add a sleeping bag to it or another tarp, There plenty of videos on youtube showing how to setup a tarp for a shelter, with the pegs and paracord u should have no problems with it

Step 4: Food and Water

-Start of with the spam it can be eaten cold or cooked and has a good shelf life, You can cut it in slices and cook on a stick that why no mess kit or anything to cook it on

-If your not a fan of spam there are other canned food such as chicken and tuna or u can buy something else if u like i add it due to it was on sale and i like it :D

-The little basic cutlery set, is handy for eating enough said

-Also aluminum bottle can store and boil water also the plastic bottle has bleach in it

-The lighter for fire it uses warmth and cooking or boiling water

Step 5: Power and Flashlight

-24 AA and 12 AAA for 6 bucks great price and handy to have

-The flashlight is not the same as that one i brought the one i brought was brighter so swapped it with an old one lol XD

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    6 years ago

    This is a very thoughtful gift. well done.

    When it comes to putting together a bag, I will be the first to recommend that you invest in quality items needed for survival like a quality knife, water filter, the bag itself, etc.

    One resource for inexpensive items to add to a bag that a lot of people overlook is the dollar store. I recently put together an EDC possible bag


    and a lot of the incidental items were source from the dollar store. The containers I used for food and small tool organization, the baby wipes, most of the products in the hygiene kit, about half of the items in the first aid kit, the microfiber towel, the poncho, binding wire, zip ties, razor blades, lighters, hair ties.

    keep up the good work.


    7 years ago

    What a great gift!


    Reply 7 years ago

    thanks glad you liked it :D it is definitely a great gift for someone starting out in prepping or bushcraft