Introduction: Bug Exterminator (Makey-Makey and Scratch Game)

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Bugs Exterminator

Bugs Exterminator is a shooting game platform. Player should exterminate all the minion bugs in limited time to finally kill the King.

The game is created in collaboration between Makey Makey and blockly programming concept of Scratch web base application. It is a user friendly game that is designed with real cardboard joystick set (steering wheel, gear shifter & pedals). Try and see how this game would bring fun car driving sensation to you. Enjoy!


1. Unused Card Boards
2. Glue Gun and Sticks
3. Ruler
4. Aluminium Foil
5. Scissor
6. Makey - Makey
7. Wires

Step 1: Understanding Makey-Makey and Scratch

When I saw the Makey-Makey Contest on, I know its going to be fun. There are so many unused left-over cardboard on KodeKiddo Solo. This contest makes me want to make something that can be used by the kiddos using the cardboards, Makey-Makey and Scratch.

Makey-Makey is an electric circuit that already mapped with some key on keyboard. With it, we can make anything that conducting electricity to become our buttons to be used on something. In my case I will use it as steering wheel joystick that can control the car in the game.

Scratch, is a web based aplication that used blockly programming concept that can be used to make animation and even games. On this project, I made a shooting game platform using the steering wheel joystick to control the character. It also made from unused cardboard on KodeKiddo Solo.

Step 2: Preparing the Steering Wheel Joystick System

On this instructable, I'm not going to show you a detail instructions how to build this project because the important things from this project is about how to design the terminal circuit setting.

First you need to make the steer part, a round thing. Then add a system (I called it 'V' system) so when it turns to the left then the V stick will touch the left arrow terminal vice versa.

After that you need to make a gear shifter system. On this game I only make two gear transmissions, Front and Rear. I put it next on the steering wheel joystick.

And the last to be prepare are the pedals system. There are two pedals to be used on this project, the acceleration pedal and brake pedal. I add rubber band on both pedal so it can go up again after being used.

Check the detail with infographic from the picture or the video.

Step 3: Preparing the Scratch Game (Bug Exterminator)

Before you can use blockly in to Makey-Makey, you need to activate the extensions from the Scratch. It is on the left down panel.

On this game I program the car so it can accelerate whenever the acceleration pedal being step, and slow down when the brake being step.

Forward and back from the car, will be triggered by "w" and "a" button that being map into gear shifter stick.

The steering wheel is to connect into left and right button which is control the car to turn the wheel left or right.

If you new on Scratch you can always run the tutorial in top menu of Scratch.

But if you want to play the game immediately you can play with mine in


Step 4: Video Summary

This is a video to summary all the step.Thank you

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