Introduction: Build Your Own 2.1 Hi-Fi Audio System

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Hey! everyone My name is Steve 19 year old from India .

Today i'm going to show you How to Build Your Own 2.1 Hi-Fi Audio System.

I'm Really impressed with the Sound Quality .

This is not Possible to Show you How i Build This System .

So i did it in Part By Part

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Step 1: Speaker Photos

Step 2: Bookshelf Speaker Building

Bookshelf Speaker Building

Step 3: SubWoofer Building

Subwoofer Building

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  1. Build Part 1 - Click Here to See The Video
  2. Build Part 2 - Click Here to See The Video
  3. Test Part - Click Here to See The Video

Step 4: What I Used

  • 150 Watt DC to DC Converter click
  • TPA3116D2 2.1 Amplifier click
  • 12V Battery

Step 5: TPA3116D2 2.1 Amplifier


1.This is assembled Board and tested well.

2.Panel in the middle of the gap can be used to hold the terminal.

3.This board is very suitable for household and car amplifier

4.With expensive red ring inductance, not the small power TPA3116 can be compared

5.Excluding external power supply, you can use the notebook power

6.New professional high-power digital 2.1 amplifier board 50W+50W+100W, NE5532 OP-amp.

Product description: The amplifier board with two TPA3116D2 digital amplifier chip as the core,One do a left and right channel power amplifier,and the other bridge driver subwoofer, with small size, high efficiency, high power characteristics. Regardless of the cost of materials, capacitors Philips, Thomson, ruby. Taiwan-quality potentiometers sealed, original TPA3116D2 chip, SMD chip devices, and so on. Board circuit is simple, reliable work. Operating voltage 12V-25V. Left and right channel output 50WX2, subwoofer output 100W, efficiency can reach above 90%, you can use switching power supply laptop is also very suitable for battery-powered devices, such as motorcycles, cars, electric cars, and so on. Compact board, use and installation are very flexible and convenient. All use genuine components using devices capable of long-term stability.

Operating voltage: 12V-25V (recommended to use high-quality switching power supply) Power output: 100W subwoofer left and right channel 50Wx2 Dimensions: 83X100MM

Three knob from left to right:

1.Stereo sound volume.

2.Subwoofer frequency regulation.

3.The subwoofer volume

Step 6: Final

Just Hook up your all the Speaker and sub-woofer with Amplifier and Enjoy Listening

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