Introduction: Build a Closet Door Pond

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This above ground container pond can easily be made to build a pond or a raised garden box. Made from old storage closet doors, it is beautiful after everything is put together.

Step 1: The Storage Closet Pond...

My last project used an old plastic storage closet, which worked out pretty well.  But then I thought, "What should I do with the doors?"


Step 2: You Will Need...

A power drill

Some screws

8 Metal corner brackets

4 Straight metal brackets


A sharp knife to score the holes for drilling

4 mil. thick black plastic sheeting

Step 3:

I also used a marker pen to mark where I needed to drill. The corner braces were not exactly square or a perfect right angle and neither were the doors. But that was ok, because this was just a frame. Small imperfections would not be visible when it was all put together.  The straight braces were used for added support in the middle of the long doors.  The end pieces were actually shelves from the storage closet.

Below is how the frame looked when it was all put together.  The frame is 5'4" long x 2'8" wide. 

Step 4:

Here is the end result! It was very easy to make.
Cut the black plastic sheeting extra long and drape over the outer edge of the frame so that the doors are completely covered.  DO NOT walk on the plastic as this may poke small holes that will cause your pond to leak! My pond is in the driveway, so I have extra plastic on the bottom to prevent any poking through. I could have trimmed off the extra tarp material on the ground, but chose to leave it instead.  Then I took extra potted plants and placed them next to the pond on top of the tarp. I only purchased a few pond plants. Others were extra that grew during the season or plants I picked up for free from the city plant swap. 

Add fish and plants and you will have a beautiful water garden!

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