Introduction: Build a Fire Ring or Pit

How to build a simple fire ring or pit for your yard

Items needed for project

Space for fire ring thats far enough away from anything in your yard that might catch fire to be safe, ideally room for people to sit around it is nice too.

Blocks, bricks or rocks to ring your fire ring or pit with.
Bags of sand 2+ depending on size of finished ring
Wood to burn

Also suggested:
Something to cut the bags of sand and anything else you might need to cut for this project.
Shovel if you decide on making it a pit instead of a ring.

Step 1: Getting Started

Get your blocks, bricks or rocks ready and mark out a circle in your yard by laying out a ring of blocks, bricks or rocks widening it as much as desired. I put on a 2nd layer of bricks to keep it more contained. I used a total of 32 of thes 4x10 inch blocks in my double layer ring.

If you want a specific shape other than something circular use your imagination, you could mark on the grass with spray paint, or dig around with your shovel to get it more accurate if needed.

I wasn't to picky so mines a sorta oval ring. I should have taken some in between pictures but I didn't plan to make an instructable I only agreed to after a friend asked me about the fire ring.

Step 2: Last Things to Do

Once you've got your ring, if you want fill it with sand and voila your done.

If you have decided on the pit option then dig your hole down some to desired depth and add sand after if you wish, sand is optional on the pit.

I used 2 bags in my ring (I cant do a pit here, the ground is hardened clay, digging is almost impossible) though it could have used a third bag I may add later.

Now the pit or ring is complete and you can drag out the lawn chairs, fill with wood and bring on the refreshments, smores, etc.

The great part about this is if you change your mind, just move the rocks, blocks, or bricks and in a season or so the grass will regrow over the sand. A great green way to dispose of burnable items that cant be composted.

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