Introduction: Build a Stick Chair in 1 Hour!!

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I used this 1 hour contest to challenge myself to see if I could actually make this chair in 1 hour and I did it and had 40 seconds remaining on my timer!! This is why I love Instructables it gives me ideas and fun contest to enter and maybe even win something along the journey!!


Supplies needed Approximately

2 2x4x8 i used the scraps I had left from the fence I just built

8 1/4x20 nuts

8 1 1/4 fender washers

1 10' stick of 1/4 in threaded rod


Tools needed table saw, miter saw, angle grinder with cutting disk, router table with round over bit, tape measure, pencil, and drill with 3/8 drill bit

Step 1: Cut Material

Cut list and hole location

drilled at 1.5" and 25" centered on the Board

  • 2- 42"
  • 2- 29 1/4"
  • 4-31 1/2"

drilled at 1.5" and 12" centered on the Board

  • 2-35"
  • 6-15"

Drilled at 1.25" and 1.25 inches on each end centered on the Board

Step 2: Cut the Rod to Length

I used my angle grinder with a cutting wheel to speed the process up. I cut mine at 25 inches but come time to tighten the nuts I regretted this and wished I would have taken more time to get close to the exact length because tightening the nuts took a lot of my time at the end

Step 3: Assembly Time.

This took a lot longer than I wanted it to I got real nervous I wasn't going to make the 1 hour mark.

Here is the order of the assembly

  • 42 31.5 29 31.5 31.5 29 31.5 42 these connect at the top with the 1.5 hole
  • 9 15 9 35 9 15 9 15 9 15 9 15 9 35 9 15 9

the 9s connect the 2 together make sure the 29s go under the 42 section

I got a rude looking drawing I made to make sure I stayed on track.

Step 4: Add Hardware

Add the 1/4 20 nuts with a washer on each end and make them tight! the wood will shrink over time depending on how wet the wood is.

Step 5: Grind Off the Treaded Rod

Cut the rod as close to the nut as possible and then use a file to knock down any sharp edges left.

Step 6: Finished

According to the timer I had 40 seconds remaining that included the introduction that I later changed.

hope you enjoyed this inscrutable. And hit the Heart and give me a Vote!!

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