Introduction: Build an Arduino Powered Thermal Sensor!

This is the finishing project of what we will be building today! To give you a quick briefing of what we are doing. We are building a system that allows you to see the exact temperature of everything every 5 milliseconds!

Step 1: Step One: Gathering Your Materials!

For this project, you will need 5 wires, an Arduino Uno, An arduino compatible bread board, and an LM35 sensor!

Step 2: Putting the Wires In!

Wire #1: You plug the first wire in to the 5V on the arduino, and plug the other end to the - 30 plug.
Wire #2: You plug the second wire in to the GND on the arduino, and plug the other side to the + 30(right next to the first one)
Wire #3: You plug the third wire in to the A0 plug on the arduino, and you plug the other side in to the C5 plug on the bread board.
Wire #4: You then plug in the fourth wire to - 4 plug on the on the bread board, and connect the other end to A4 plug on the bread board.
Wire #5: You lastly then plug in the fifth wire to the + 6 plug on the bread board, and connect the other side to the A6 plug on the bread board.

Step 3: Where Do You Put the LM35 Sensor You Ask?

The LM35 sensor(basically the thermometer), has three pins on it. And those pins get plugged in to E4, E5, and E6.

Step 4: Putting the Code In!!

The most important part is the Code!! You put the code in the Arduino IDE, which you can download online! The code is shown above!

Step 5: Powering It On!

When every thing is done, you are going to plug in your arduino to your computer. And lastly you click Verify, and then Upload. And watch the magic happen! You should then see a list of temperatures pop up! And it gives you a new temperature every five seconds!

Step 6: Now You Are Done!

Thank you for viewing my instructable! And if you have any difficulties, just let me know! I would really appreciate it if every one out there could vote for this instructable for the Explore science contest! Thanks everybody!

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