Introduction: Ultimate Fishing and Survival Pack

Have you ever wanted your own survival pack and a homemade fishing rod and fish trap, well this teaches you how.

Step 1: Materials


Pocket rocket stove

Small pot

2 containers of fuel



Dental floss

Spoon knife and fork


Nylon rope


2 Empty water bottles

Wash cloth

Three plastic bags

Any type of glasses

One meter stick


Step 2: Getting Organized

When you are camping you want to keep your stuff dry so make sure that you bag these materials:


Wash cloth


Pocket knife

Spoon, fork, and knife

And Light/ radio

Step 3: Putting Things in the Bag

After you bag up the materials, put everything else in the bag except for the stick and the string, and one water bottle.

Step 4: Making the Fishing Pole and the Fish Trap

First take the stick and make sure there is a branch on the stick, then wrap the rope around the branch and bring the rope to the top of the stick.(if you don't have a fish hook you can make one with a soda tab). And then for the fish trap. You take a water bottle and cut it in half. And then you get more rope and tie the water bottles together. And thats it for making a fishing pole and fish trap.

Step 5: Finishing

The Finished project should look like this. If you have any questions, please ask

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