Introduction: Building a House in Philippines

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I am building a house in Philippines with the help of family and friends.

Construction started in 2012 and it is still not finished. This is such a large project I will share the playlist on YouTube if your interested in following it. I started loading clips last week and will add new clips at least once a week. 5 clips loaded so far.

This is definitely one item ticked of my bucket list. I am very proud of this house and where it is in a small community in the rain Forrest is spectacular. We build as we have the money to do so.

I designed the house and did a lot of the work myself. Other people do work on it. If work was only done while I was there progress would be much slower. Sadly I am not there as much as I would like due to my poor health.

I hope you enjoy this MEGA INSTRUCTABLE as much as I did.

Regards Rik

Step 1: The Playlist of My Mega Instructable.

The clip is part 1 of a unknown amount of clips. But I have a link to the play list of clips here.