Introduction: Build Your Own Mecon for #MeconoMorph!

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a piece of art wondering – what does it have to do with me? How could I participate in something like this? Usually you can’t. Usually the art you see is already finished, done, and you can only enjoy its look.
Not anymore, though! MeconoMorph is never finished, and there is always room in it for you...
This instructable is about making a single Mecon which will become a part of the MeconoMorph ever growing body.
Build a Mecon, send it to us and get yourself visible!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

To build a Mecon you will need:
1. Clear tape
2. Glue stick (I prefer Elmer Extreme)
3. 36 business cards to make the outer surface of the Mecon - this is the showcase - use you cards!
4. 36 business cards to form the Mecon's inner layer - these cards will be still visible through the openings.

Very important - all the cards must be exactly 3.5x2 inches. Some printing companies make cards a little smaller - you can't use them directly. You can still use these smaller cards as veneers on a normal size plain cards.

Step 2: Folding Cards

Make a crease on the back of every card using a ruler and a paper knife.

Valley - fold all the inner cards along the creases.
Mountain - fold all the outer cards diagonally along the same creases.
You will have two stacks of folded cards.

Step 3: Making an Inner Gene

Inner gene is a chain of three cards - two inner cards and one outer card.
Connect them using clear tape, wrapping it around.
You are going to make twelve inner genes - so you'll use 12 inner cards and 24 outer cards.

Step 4: Making an Inner Mecon Chromosome

A chromosome comprises four inner genes.
The genes are taped together.
Make sure that tape only goes onto the inner surface - this is important because the outer surface will be glued to the outer Mecon's layer later.

Step 5: Making a Mecon Inner DNA

Connect two chromosomes together using two inner genes between them and add two last genes at the end of the chain - and you got an inner chromosome.

Step 6: Finishing an Inner Mecon's Layer

Roll the DNA on itself connecting its genes the same fashion as before.
Each square face will be formed by four genes taped together the same way as before.
The Mecon is soft and flexible at this point - don't worry - it will become strong after the outer genes are weaved into it. Just continue to use tape on inside surface only.

Step 7: Making Outer Genes

Well, they are not going to be entirely outside. They will be mostly outside.
That's why each outer gene consists of two outer cards and one inner.
Use the rest of cards to prepare twelve outer genes.

Step 8: Finishing Your Mecon

Weave outer genes one by one into the structure.
Start by placing an outer gene inside through a triangular opening.
Glue its central card to the central card of the inner layer, so their diagonals match.
Central cards are the ones which are not parts of the Mecon's square faces.
Pull out the outer genes ends out.
After you glue all the 12 genes this way, the Mecon will look like a porcupine with outer cards sticking out all over it.

Now glue them down onto inner square faces.

Step 9: The Best Part