Introduction: Building an Icy Winter Wonderland!

Do you need that one extra decoration that will make your house feel like a wintry wonderland? Here is a fun decoration that will take it over the top!


Styrofoam (large chunks and thin sheets)
12 in dowels
Handheld belt sander
Styrofoam cutter
Tooth picks
Rain blue paint
Blue glitter paint
Spray snow
Little trees, houses and characters (purchased and handmade)
Tea lights
Cotton scalloped snow sheets

Step 1: Find Styrofoam and Plan Your Base

Find pieces of styrofoam that can look like a mountain. Also, plan where your mountain will sit. You could use a table. We have a large planter in the middle of our house so that was our base.

Step 2: Carve Your Mountain

Take your mountain outside so you don’t make a mess! Use 12 inch dowels to stick the layers together. Use a handheld belt sander to clean up and shape your mountain. Before bringing it back inside be sure to blow it off so you don’t bring the styrofoam snow in with you. Set it back in place and use the styrofoam cutter to trim the base of thin styrofoam sheets. Watch out! Bumbles may show up and take up residence!!

Step 3: Add Shelves and Pockets

Use small pieces of styrofoam to make shelves to add houses, characters and trees. Attach the shelves with toothpicks. Carve out caves to add hidden treasures.

Step 4: Add Tunnels

Stack smaller sheets to make tunnels at the base of your mountain. We added tunnels for an N scale bullet train to go around it.

Step 5: Give Your Mountain a Shimmer

Lightly spray some blue and glitter on the styrofoam so it has a shimmer and blue tint in places and feels like the sun is reflecting off of it.

Step 6: Now Give It Some Life! Add the Details!

Add your trees and houses and characters you’ve been gathering. Give it your own character. Involve other people to contribute to your amazing winter wonderland! Invite Bumbles or one of his yeti friends to top it off. Use some spray snow on some pieces so they look like they belong on a wintery mountain. Trim the bottom with cotton scalloped snow.

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