Introduction: Building My Primitive Camping Truck

So if any of you guys keep up with my blog or have seen some of my other instructables you probably would see that I am a pretty avid camper. I prefer camping more on the primitive side. IE no AC/heat, in a sleeping bag or cot and in a tent. I also love to go exploring and do a bit of 4wheeling where permitted.

Anyhow enough of myself, this is just a general guideline as to how I built my current camping rig. Ive had a few people on here ask me about my Toyota and how i built it so I figured Id do a quick instructable. I currently drive the truck daily and use it virtually everywhere. I have built it as a multipurpose vehicle for camping, hauling stuff, tailgating and even the occasional nap in the back on campus. YES I sleep in the bed of the truck in the parking deck sometimes during my breaks and its damn comfy. Kinda like my own lil portable fort.

Step 1: Choosing the Correct Truck

So for this build I was pretty picky about the vehicle I was going to use for the build. After all it was going to have to get me around town daily yet be rugged enough and capable enough to drive me to remote destinations. Here is the general list of criteria I followed when I looked for my truck:

-within my price range (college student remember?)
-small/compact size
-manual trans (incase the battery died I can pop the clutch and start it)
-carbed (easier for me to work on in the field)
-6ft bed (wanted adequate hauling space)
-decent gas mileage

Quite frankly the criteria I had set proved harder to meet than I had generally thought. Finding a reliable carbed truck in my price range was next to impossible. I finally settled on a 1984 Toyota Pickup. 4cylinder and manual.

Step 2: Converting the Bed Pt1

So in preparation to turn my truck into a camping rig I decided to line the bed with some sort of liner. I didnt want something too rough since I have herculiner in my other truck and it was rough. i decided to go with duplicolor bedliner with the kevlar in it for a change. It actually turned out great and applied well. The finish was nice and durable yet not too rough. This was added more or less since the rig was a multipurpose rig I use for occasional hauling. If it was a truly dedicated camping rig Id line the bed with a carpet or something.

Basic prep work was done before applying. Just sanded the bed down, washed it, masked off what I didnt want to get the liner on. Wiped down with acetone, allow to dry, and then apply 3 coats of liner.

Step 3: Converting the Bed Pt2

So now is the fun/expensive part. Buying a camper top!

So for my build I decided to go with a soft top. This is more of a preference thing than anything. I just love the look of soft tops and think it looks more tent/fortish. Its not quite water proof as a camper shell, but its about as good as any tent I have ever used. I ended up picking one up from a TTORA member locally.

The soft top provided a good place to store items out of the rain when making errands. For camping it provided a nice place to set up a cot and sleeping bag.

The soft top I have in question is a can-back for those who are wondering.

Step 4: Setting Up Rear Lighting

So camping in the woods at night can get pretty dark sometimes. So I decided to light up the rear of the camper top with some lights. I chose to go with some LED lights that I purchased off of ebay that are more commonly used for rock lights. They do a great job or lighting up the rear at night so I can find stuff. They are also water proof and run off of 12volts. Perfect for what I need. I put the lights on a toggle switch near the rear of the bed so I can activate them when at night without having to be in the bed itself.

Step 5: Getting a Cot

So one of the main reasons for getting a 6ft bed was to get a soft top for it. They really only are commonly found in 6ft bed configurations. But the other reason for the 6ft bed was so I can sleep in it. After all it is a bed! Anyhow I talked to a friend of mines during dinner one night about sleeping arrangements and turns out a 6ft coleman cot fits perfectly within the 6ft bed. So off to walmart I went to get a cot.

As you can see int he photo Ive got the cot setup in the back with my sleeping bag ontop. Makes for a pretty comfy camp bed.The picture was also taken at night so you get a general idea of how bright those lights are. 

Step 6: Building a Roofrack for Additional Storage

So with the bed being occupied during trips, I needed a place to store my tools and or other gear other than in the cab. So I built a fairly simple roofrack. It is made of EMT Conduit welded together and then attached to the gutters on the truck. NOTE: When welding galvanized metal always grind down the zinc coating and wear a good respirator or you will get VERY sick.

Step 7: Comms, Navigation and Other Electronics

I don't have any pictures of any of the following things, but this being a camping rig I wanted an alternative means of communication aswell as a way to allow me to talk to other people that may be in the same group as me when out and about. Trust me sometimes you dont have cellphone reception in the mountains no matter who your carrier may be. So I opted for adding a CB radio. I got a Cobra 29 with weather scan to keep tabs on the weather. I also picked up a garmin navigation unit to mount on the dash and installed a power inverter for 120v electronics.

Step 8: Conclusion

So yea thats basically about it. Sure theres a few things I missed here and there like tires, lift, bumpers etc. I didn't think these were real pertinent to the purpose of the instructable so I left them out. I hope you guys enjoy reading about it. I will entertain any questions you may have about the truck build etc.

So just a basic summation:

I am a broke college student. I love camping and wanted a cool reliable truck to do it in. Everything is pretty primitive, but I plan to add to the build and make it more homey soon. Its nice I can just drive, park setup camp in 3 minutes and go to bed. No tent to setup or pack up. Also the bed is nice and level. Anyways Happy Campng!

Also to those who are offroaders remember to tread lightly!

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