Introduction: Bulgar Wheat Pudding

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I would like to share a very healthy sweet dish which I prepare at my home every year on Sakranti day. Apart from Sakranti, we prepare it once in a while as a side sweet dish. It can also be prepared as whole cereal breakfast. This has high-fiber and is very healthy breakfast for kids.

This is a vegetarian dish which has milk in it. If you want to make it vegan, you can use almond/cashew milk instead of cow milk.

For preparation, there are three methods to cook the base for the recipe. They are described in the Step 2. Once Step 2 is done, follow the Step 3 for completion.

Step 1: Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients:

  • 1 small bowl of Bulgar Wheat
  • 3x/5x Bowls of water (Depends on the method of cooking)
  • 3 cups of milk
  • 2 to 3 tablespoon of sugar (Depends on the taste)
  • 5/6 almonds (shreded or cut into pieces)
  • 7-10 raisins
  • 1 tablespoon coconut flakes
  • one spoon ghee (optional)

Fresh Fruits (Optional):

  • 1 Strawberry
  • 3-4 Grapes
  • 1/4th banana

Step 2: Prepare the Base Bulgar Wheat

There are three ways to prepare the base bulgar wheat. I have used Instant Pot method to prepare bulgar wheat.

  1. Instant Pot Method:
    • Take a medium sized bowl of bulgar wheat.
    • Add 3x times water to the Instant Pot.
    • Add bulgar wheat to it. Close the lid and press the “Heat”.
    • In my Instant Pot it comes to “Warm” automatically when all water is over and it is cooked.
    • Note:
      If you think that for some reason the water quantity wasn’t enough, even when it comes to “Warm”. you can add one and put it on “Heat” again.

  2. Cooktop Method:
    • Put the pan on the cooktop. Add bulgar wheat and 4x bowls of water.
    • Once water comes to boil, add the bulgar wheat to it and cover with the lid.
    • Boil the bulgar wheat on medium flame till all water is absorbed and it is cooked. Do keep a check in between that water is not overflowing.
    • Once done, leave it as it is to be used in Step 1.
  3. Indian Pressure Cooker Method:
    • Add bulgar wheat and 3x water to the cooker. Close the lid and put it on the cooktop at medium.
    • Let it whistle 2 times on medium flame. If you think grains were bit bigger in size, then you can take 3 whistle here.
    • After that let it whistle once more at lower flame
    • Switch off the cooktop and let the cooker cool down before opening the lid.

Step 3: Final Steps for Preparing the Pudding

  1. Add all the cooked bulgar wheat to a pan.
  2. Add 3 cups milk to it enough that all the bulgar wheat is sort of dipped.
  3. Put it on a cooktop on medium flame and let it boil.
  4. Keep stirring it and scratching all the cream from sides. Also enure that it doesn't stick at the bottom.
  5. Keep doing this till milk is mixed well with bulgar wheat and has become enough thick and creamy.
  6. If you want more creamy or milky, you can add bit extra cup of milk to boil for few more minutes. Depends on the milk and preference.
  7. Add sugar, coconut and dry fruits and let it all cook for two more minutes. Sugar quantity may vary based on the taste preference and sweetness of the brand.
  8. While serving you can add some fruit toppings like banana, strawberry, grapes.

Note: If you like Hershey’s strawberry/chocolate you can spread that as well to get different flavors. If you have ghee (Indian ghee), then can add one spoon of that as well in the serving.