Introduction: Bumber Plate Rack

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How to build a simple rack for bumber plates.


Wood: 48x98mm Spruce. (~2€/m here)

6mm birch dowels


- Miter saw

- Cordless Drill (6mm bit)

- Planer

- Sander

Step 1: Planning

For this type of rack the exact thickness of each weight plate is needed before cutting. The weights in the drawing aren't really the right size except of the thickness.

Step 2: Slot Cutting & Crossbeams

The cutting is quite simple to do if your miter saw has movement limiters. I didn't saw both planks at the same time as the picture above would indicate. The sawing process is best seen in the video.

Step 3: Assembly

I used 6mm birch dowels to hold the construction together. I did not use any glue as I expect the wood to shrink a lot when brought inside.

The slots for the smallest plates are easier to cut very last.

No coating or wood treatment is needed as this is just a tool to keep the plates in place.

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