Introduction: Bunk Bed Out of Reclaimed Wood and With Fire-finish

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For the 3rd Birthday of our Son, we decided he should get his own "Big Boys Bed" :)

All Wood in this Project is at least in its 2nd use.

Things you'll need:


Wood - Posts/Boards/Big Dowels



Brush/Roller/Spray Lacquer







Step 1: Build a Basic Frame

The Frame is just a simple Rectangle that fits the Size of the Mattress.

The Corners are Mitered and screwed together with 3 Screws each.

Step 2: Cut One Corner to Accept the Post

Notch out the Corner of the Bed wich will not be attached to the Wall later.

The Post will fit in that Notch. It will get bolted to the Bed with a big Machine-Screw.

You could also connect the both with a Rope and a few Nails/Screws, that would look neat.

Step 3: Make Posts for the Guardrails

Obviously the Bed, being a Bunk Bed, needs some Guardrails.

Fit some Posts onto your Frame, so you can screw the Rails into them.

Step 4: Add the Guardrails

The Rails are jointed into the Big Post in the Corner with som Mortises and Tenons.

Drill Holes into the Post and cut matching Tenons into the Rails.

I Just cut away the Corners from the Rails and made it about Round with a Knife/Chisel.

Step 5: Build the Ladder

For the Ladder you just take the Angle you like or what fits your Space.

I drilled about half way through the Risers. This is where the Dowels will fit into.

To lock them simply screw it togeher.

And of course a little Load Test :)

Step 6: Install the Slatted Frame

The slatted Frame are just some boards screwed to the big Frame.

I wasnt fully trusting the Screws alone, so i created an "L" shaped Piece of Wood,

wich i attached to the Frame with some BIG Screws.

At some Point the Bed will probably contain several Kids heavily playing...

Step 7: Sand, Sand, Sand...

Oh man, what have i done?

All the Wood was reused and most of it only rough sawn Lumber, that meant a lot of Sanding...

But not too much, that would destroy the look i aimed for.

Just enough, so noone will get Splinters in their Fingers.

Step 8: Burn It!

Dont make the same Mistake as i did, you can easily overdo it.

It was trying to get it burnt everywhere, which in the End was too much.

I could have sanded more after burning it to get it lighter. But it was after

finishing that i realised my Mistake.

Step 9: Seal the Burnt Wood

The Plan was to use Varnish out of the Can and to brush it on. But we realised we werent having enough. So we used some Spray Lacquer as well. We did 3 Coats. It is important to get everything completly covered so you wont get all the Stuff dirty, that touches the Bed. Also it will prevent you from that burned Wood smell.

Finishing it makes the Wood look quite a bit darker, thats why you ideally do some Test-Pieces beforehand. This will get you to the Look you aim for.

Step 10: Install the Bed

To install it, just screw 3 Block to the (Concrete) Wall. 2 on the long and 1 on the short Side of the Bed.

We used 2 Screws per Block which is plenty strong. I was humping with my 90kg on that Bed and Nothing happened.

The Bed rests on these 3 Blocks and on the big Post.

We attached the Ladder only with a Rope to the Frame.

Theres also a Video about this built.

Feel free to ask me anything.

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