Introduction: How to Fix Holes in a Brick Wall Cheap and Easy

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The Wall around the Entry-Door on my 1958 Built House got many Holes in it. While i was installing Lights in the Overhang of our DIY Roof, they annoyed me so much, i had to fix them real quick :)

Everything you would need:

-Some Sort of Caulk/Silicone/Sealant

-Same colored Brick/Pencil

-A Knife

Step 1: Remove Wall Anchors, Loose Dirt and Dust

Start off by getting old Wall Anchors out. Partially get a Screw in there. If needed grab any Sort of Pliers and pull on the Screw to get the Anchor out.

Next get it as clean as possible with a Vacuum Cleaner, a Brush or Compressed Air (Out of your Mouth?:)

It should be dry and clean.

Step 2: Prepare the Magic Powder

To get the Hole-Disappearing-magic-Powder get a Brick the same color, as the one you want to fix.

Then scratch on it with whatever you have - a Knife, Sandpaper, Rasp, another Brick....

You want this Powder as fine as possible.

Step 3: Seal the Hole

Now get that Hole filled up with your Sealant. Fill it until it's flush or even a little more, as some Sealants loose a little Volume while curing. Take whatever you have on Hand, just make sure it's Waterproof and will get at least some sort of Bond to the Brick. Otherwise you'll have to redo it sooner or later...:)

As almost always, i made a little Video on this and I'd love to hear your Opinions :)

Step 4: Vanish, Hole!

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