Introduction: Bunny Retsuko Robot

Ever get interrupted while you're trying to work? You're buddies mean well when they want to converse with you but you have work to get done and soon! Want to let them know you're busy in a fun and creative way? Make your very own Bunny Retsuko Robot. This robot is based off of the hard working spirit of Retsuko in the anime "Aggretsuko". Retsuko is a red panda who is used to getting pushed around at work, but when she is truly fired up she transforms into Aggresive Retsuko, aka Aggretsuko! Now you can make you're own paper robot with the same fighting spirit in the form of a Bunny! Bunny Retsuko, Betsuko, or however you want to call your robot. It will assist you greatly in day to day work mantra. Whether it be a personal reminder for you to get into that working spirit, a visible reminder to you're coworkers that you're busy, or a nice office decoration, this Bunny Retsuko Robot will serve you greatly!


You will need: the Bunny Retsuko Robot print out (currently unavailable, ask for this tutorial creator to hand draw you another one! Or photocopy the images! ; - ;), scissors, glue or tape, hard working spirit, and a place to dispose of your leftover paper pieces. Optional: some music to get you're creative juices flowing!

Step 1: Step 1: Bunny's Body

Grab a pair of scissors and cut along the solid lined box circled in the image above. Do not cut inside the boxes or on the dotted lines within the box. Once you're done, you should have a long rectangle with two squares on top. The squares will serve as holding spots for Bunny's face. Or they can be folded down behind the rectangle if you want Bunny's face to be lower. Fold along the dotted lines until you have four sides of Bunny's body in a cube like shape. Then, using glue or tape and apply an adhesive to the squiggly line drawn on the very ends of the rectangle to fully connect the four side's of Bunny's body into a hollow cube.

Step 2: Step 2: Bunny's Arms

Now cut out Bunny's arms. Again, cut along the bold line around the arms in the image. Do not cut the lines in the arms. Once you have it cut out, you should have a C shaped piece of paper. Cut along the bold line in the middle of the C to create Bunny's two arms. Once cut, fold along the dotted lines on Bunny's sleeves. Then use tape or glue as an adhesive and put one arm on each side of Bunny's body. You should be attaching an arm to a side of Bunny's body that does not have any lettering on it. Those sides are Bunny's shoulders. You can attach the arms in any position you prefer (upward, downward, etc.)

Step 3: Step 3: Bunny's Working Face

It's time to add the functions of this Bunny Retsuko Robot! Cut out Bunny's working face circled above. Cut along the bold lines, do not cut within the bold lines outlining Bunny's face. Then, attach Bunny's working face to Bunny's body. You should be attaching Bunny's face on the flap attached to the side of Bunny's body that says "work". If you decided to fold this flap down in step 1, you can also just attach Bunny's head directly to the Bunny's cube body. Remember, Bunny's working face should go on the side of her body that says "work" on it. Use tape or glue as an adhesive. You can adjust the height or position of her head as you'd like.

Step 4: Step 4: Bunny's Resting Face

Now you can cut out the second function of this robot! Cut out Bunny's resting face circled above. Again, cut along the outside following the bold line. Do not cut the inside of Bunny's resting face. Then, just like in step 3, attach Bunny's resting face to her body. Find the side of Bunny's body that says "rest" and attach it to the flap above it. If you folded down that flap, you can just attach Bunny's resting face straight to her body using tape or glue as an adhesive. Similar to step 3, only attach Bunny's resting face to the side of her body that says "rest". You can adjust the height or position of her head as you'd like.

Step 5: Step 5: Bunny's Legs

Cut out the rectangles pointed to in the image. Cut along the outside following the bold line, do not cut the inside just yet. Once you have a rectangle shaped piece of paper, cut it in half following the line down the middle. Now you have two legs for Bunny. Before you start folding refer to the image of the finished product in this step to see how to the legs are supposed to look.

Folding Instructions: Fold along the various dotted lines for each leg. Fold the folded flaps on the very ends of the squares so that they touch the surface you're working on. Fold the second flaps which are closer to the middle so that they are extending off the ground from the first flaps. As a result, the two legs should look like small steps. Again, if you're having trouble, refer to the image of the finished product in this step to see how to fold these legs. Using tape or glue, attach these two step-like legs to the bottom of Bunny's cube body. The middle section of the legs should be attached to Bunny's body, while the flaps should touch the ground. You can attach the legs however you may like on the bottom of Bunny's body (horizontally, vertically), so long as the flaps are touching your working surface and the middle section is attached to Bunny's body.

Step 6: You're Finished!<3

Now that you've finished making the Bunny Retsuko Robot, station her at your work desk or productive space and rotate her to her "work" side when you want to let people know you are working. When you're resting or taking a break you can turn Bunny to her "rest" side so people know you're taking a quick break for down time and are free to socialize. What if people can't take a hint and still interrupt you when you're working? Hold up your Bunny Retsuko Robot and point to the "work" side of Bunny. You can also audibly let people know you're busy as you point to your Bunny's "work" side. But I am sure Bunny's working face will let people know you're busy just as fine! This robot can also serve as decoration to your work space to enhance your working spirit when you look at it :3