Introduction: Burger Bliss - How to Make the Perfect Homemade BBQ Burger

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Perfecting the art of cooking a burger is something that can change the way people see your culinary skills.

For this instructable I have spent the last 2 weeks putting all my BBQing efforts into burgers, I have cooked them fast and slow I have done them high heat and low heat. I have tried different buns and types of beef. Of all the burgers I made I will be explaining how to make the best of the best, what I see now as THE PERFECT BBQ BURGER follow my instruction and you are guaranteed perfection the first try.

I will show you a simple way to make the Perfect BBQ Burger and give you little tips to make the burger just that much better so you and your guests will remember the monumental first mouthful of awesomeness.

**For this manly burger we will not be using a measuring cup just eye everything and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty**.


Parchment Paper


Dry Dill weed

Garlic Salt

Onion Powder

Apple smoked Seasoning

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

Food Materials

Ground Beef

Egg Buns


Horseradish Mayonnaise

Regular Mustard

Deli Cut Cheddar or Hearty Cheese

Smokey BBQ Sauce

Dill Pickles


Red Onion


BBQ and Flipper

Step 1: Buying Your Meat

Make sure you go to a quality butcher or grocery store known for their meat. Make sure to ask if you don't know which meat would be the best for a burger.

You want Ground beef with 20% fat to 80% meat ratio

***Good burgers start where you get your beef***

Step 2: Pre-Heating the BBQ & Seasoning the Meat

Before you start prepping your beef go turn your grill on to high and let it get really hot.

Now as the BBQ heats up get the seasoning and VERY generously coat the top of the meat.

***TIP don't worry about evenly mixing seasoning through out just grab chunks of beef and mix lightly for each individual burger. I am purposely not mixing to much because it creates flavor pockets of seasoning scattered through the patty*****

Make a large ball in your hands then place it on a cut square of parchment paper and push downward slowly shaping the burger.

***TIP Take your thumb and make an indentation in the center of the patty to prevent it from becoming a football on the grill****

Repeat for the rest of your patties

Step 3: Grillin'

***TIP - For the best results buy buns day of cooking and always toast them only 1 side Eggs buns are the best followed by Onion buns a close second. ****

Melt butter in a small jar and using a brush, coat the insides of the cut Egg Buns generously with butter, they may get slightly soggy that's a good thing just wait.


I let my grill get to 600 degrees, we are going to cook FAST and HIGH heat.

These burgers were 1 " thick and 5" diameter I cook them indent side down for 4 minutes a side at 600 degrees and the lid closed.

After the first 4 minutes flip and wait 3 minutes then add cheese and close lid

after last minute add buns for 30 seconds then rotate 90 degrees to get the signature crosshatch pattern. the high heat will cook the butter making crispy delicious inside edges to the buns yet still soft. the reason we do this is because when the burger is made the juices from the burger itself and other toppings can make a bun soggy and that ruins a burger so quickly.

after you are done head back inside to plate and serve.

****TIP Don't put the top bun on the burger yet or the cheese will stick to it and its not properly built yet****

Step 4: Make, Plate and Enjoy

Once inside remove the burger from the bottom bun and generously coat with the Horseradish Mayonnaise and add the burger patty. Add Pickle, Tomato and Red Onion then Lettuce and Smoky BBQ Sauce.

Add the top bun and Serve

This Burger technique will yield top quality burgers 100% of the time that will impress anyone who is lucky enough to dine with you.

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