Introduction: Burlap Fourth of July Wreath

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This will be the finished burlap wreath base. 24" X 24" 4 "

Step 1: Step 2: Materials You Will Need

Materials you will need:

16” wired wreath form that has three inner rings and divided into eight sections

5 ½” burlap rolls in the three colors you want to use

Fine gage wire strips, you will only need two


Wire Cutters

Mat optional

Step 2: Step 3: Pinching the Burlap

Take about a 5 ½” of wire and pinch the burlap end together,

run the wire through the burlap.

Step 3: Step 4: Attaching to the Wreath Base

Attach the wired burlap to the bottom, top or side of your

wreath form.

Step 4: Step 5: Pulling Your Loop Through


at the top or bottom of the wreath form and pull burlap up into a loop about four inches. Then twist the burlap and pull up the middle bar of the wreath form. Twist again and pull through the bottom of the wreath form, now twist and start over at the top again.

Step 5:


this until you have placed four rows of loops on one section. I am choosing to put two sections of two colors and four sections of the red.

Step 6: Step 7: Ending the First Color and Starting the Second.

To change colors you first take the color you have just finished and cut about four inches away from you last loop.

Step 7:

. Then pull the four inches through the bottom wire part of the wreath form, it will stay in place for you. Now repeat with your new color as you did with the first. You will do this until the wreath form is covered in all of your burlap.