Introduction: Burning the Midnight Candle the Hard Way (Coffee Infusions)

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Okay guys so am gonna share with you guys some recipes students in exam prep in my country use to keep awake, not because its good, right or even a best practice...... for me the idea is plain simple the infusion of wonderful coffee and its taste in the mix i dont want to bore you with so much notes on coffee but if you would want to read then here is some basic info on COFFEE. so this recipes were formulated as a way to take coffee not only as a tea or energy drink but like any other beverage in combo with other foods.

For basic steps on how to prepare soya bean powder not soya milk powder at home try pages 1 and pages 2. I bought from the store. with out the other additives am not a baby lol just plain powdered soyabeans.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

the tools you will need are

  • a soup bowl
  • a mug
  • and a spoon

the materials are

  • already ground coffee bean
  • some powder milk
  • sugar honey or sweetener
  • plain sweetened biscuit
  • and some water.

Step 2: Coffee Biscuit Meal.

i love this meal so much, when the cost of cereals rose (cornflakes golden morn and their kelloggs counterpart) we found succour in biscuit meals. you can add dates or any other topping of your choice.


To prepare, (using plain sweetened biscuit) crush the biscuits(by hand) in their pack before you pour into the bowl. Add some milk and pour the brewed coffee into the mix. You can prepare the coffee either hot or cold depending how you want to brew your coffee and your taste buds. stir the mixture to your chosen consistency as you add water. (i like it abit syrupy). enjoy your meal.

P/S you will not be needing sugar since the sweetened biscuit will suffice.

Step 3: Caffeinated Soya Bean Tea

Many people may have one underlying health condition or the other which requires them not to take coffee hence the resort to soya bean.But for this recipe we would actually be combining both beans. Soy coffee is used by many people as a coffee substitute. Hot or iced with sweetener, it makes a tasty treat. If soybeans are roasted then coarsely ground, they can be used to make a beverage that tastes quite similar to coffee. ... After all, coffee is also made from a bean. so the idea behind this tea is to get a strong brew of coffee with less coffee per cup of tea which i believe is quite healthy approach.


Empty one 2gram sachet of nescafe classic in a mug add 2 spoons of soy bean powder. put some water to boil then pour it into your mug. People complain about how to dissolve the soy bean powder and prevent it from clumping together actually i have a few tricks. Pour the water in gradually dont stir in circles but sideways. Now if you dont like the suspension texture of the soya bean powder on your tongue then add less spoons of soya bean powder and consider filtering. Add sugar, honey, sweetner or take it like that like the boss.

.........WARNING........ Soya beans: Effects on Male Sex Hormones

Because soy contains phytoestrogens, men may worry about including it in their diet. although much eveidence has not fully emerged but i will tell you this i dont advice men to take soy based products in excess to avoid any case of gynecomastia. I took alot of soya beans while growing up and i will not deny the fact that i have over the years felt possible symptoms of gynecomastia. A hormone profile will cost hundred and thirty grand (NGN130000) which i cant afford.i may be wrong with my diagnosis but who knows i could be right...... just cant still resist my soya bean coffee

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