Introduction: Busy Meter

This Instructable will teach you how to make a machine that tells people how busy you are and shoos people away when you are busy.

This machine allows you to show how busy you are using three levels: not busy, a bit busy, and busy. The levels are shown with LEDs that have different colors. You can adjust the level by pressing the button. The machine uses an ultrasonic sensor that will sound an alarm when a person is too close to you when you are "busy".


Arduino Leonardo


Jumper wires

1x green LED

1x yellow LED

1x red LED

1x buzzer

1x button

1x ultrasonic sensor

4x resistors

Step 1: Assembling

Assemble the supplies according to the image shown. Make sure:

-Button is linked to d2

-Trig and echo of ultrasonic sensor is linked to d6 and d7

-Buzzer is linked to d8

-Green LED is linked to d10

-Yellow LED is linked to d11

-Red LED is linked to d12

Step 2: Coding

Here is the code I used tor this project:

Step 3: Decorating

Use a cardboard box (or other things you wish) to cover your work to make it look better.