Introduction: Butter Car

Over the weekend I got bored and there was a stick of butter and a butter knife sitting on a plate that was on the counter so I started playing with them and ended up with a car.

(Sorry I wasn't thinking about publishing this until after it was done. I'm also not the best photographer)


1 stick butter

butter knife

Heat source (not too hot)



Step 1: Make the Basic Shape

Let butter sit out on a plate to soften. Then, with the butter knife slowly smooth out and carve a basic shape, piling up the butter "shavings" on the side of the plate to clean your knife.

Step 2: Wheels and Inside

Heat up the blade of the butter knife just enough to melt the butter. Gently stab at the base of the butter in the middle to melt it away and remove everything except 4 little balls of butter under the car. If you wish you can also completely hollow out the 2 front seats. I did! (Heat blade up every couple of stabs)

Step 3: Add the Little Details

With the extra butter piled up on the side mold it into whatever you want then, add little details to the inside and outside of the car.

I added an open door, a closed door, a seat, a steering wheel, a little driver, a licence plate, a couple racing stripes, a rear wing, side mirrors, and a little blob that was supposed to be a guy getting in the passenger side.

Step 4: Freeze It

Put sculpture in the freezer to harden then when done use the butter or, keep it as a timeless masterpiece of art, if that's what your into. ;)

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