Introduction: Table Saw


An electric grinder

2 screws/bolts (need to fit through a 2x4 and your table) with nuts that fit them

2 washers that fit the screws/bolts but wont slide over the nuts

Any old table (I made mine from scrap wood and screws.)

A 2x4 the length of your table or a bit smaller

2 metal straps

4 small screws(small enough they wont poke through your table.

A circular saw blade

spacers that will fit on your grinder

a lug nut that screws onto your grinder

Step 1: Step One: Cutting the Table

cut a slit in the table long enough so your saw blade fits through

cut a rectangle large enough to access the grinders switch

cut 2 slits just wide enough for the screws to fit and however long you want (make sure they are parallel)

Step 2: The Saw

mount the grinder on the underside of the table like so. (the wood blocks on either end are optional but recommended)

(ignore the sawzall that is for a future project)

then add your spacers(I used a pex crimping ring) then screw on the lug nut

flip the table back over, take off the lug nut only then, slide the saw blade into place(make sure the rotation it is supposed to be lines up with the rotation of the grinder)

screw the lug nut back on until secure

Step 3: The Guide

drill 2 holes in the the center of the 2x4 spaced the same as the slits going width wise. (my third hole i made and it didn't do what i thought it would so just ignore it.)

place the screws into the holes (if they don't fall all the way through just re drill the holes a little bit wider until they do)

flip the table over and first put the washers onto the screws then the nuts

tighten the nuts all the way down with your fingers then use a wrench and screw driver to make them really tight

Step 4: Finished!

plug in and start cutting!

remember this is a piece of dangerous machinery use it carefully

I would recommend buying all the parts needed however, I'm broke and found all the supplies in garbage cans and didn't even spend a penny

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