Introduction: Butter Rose

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This is the add on for your breakfast table!

I´ve learned this from my grandmother. It´s easy and beautiful!

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need:

-a butter

-a spoon

-a glas with really cold water (if you have some ice put it into it)

Step 2: Scoop

Star at the middle of the butter, and scoop some butter into the middle. Like you make a scoop of ice but don´t pull the butter out. Now start to scoop a bit more from the outside to the middle. Go around from the middle to the outside and scoop the butter always into the middle. Every now and then put the spoon into the ice water, to prevent the butter scoops from melting and breaking.

Step 3: If the Butter Scoop Breaks

If your butter scoop breaks put it, with your hands, back into the right place. This happens when the butter is getting warm. Just put it back into the fridge and wait for the butter to get hard again. Then you can scoop on!

Step 4: Almost Done

You can flatten out the butter that wasn´t scooped to make it look better.

There you go - a butter rose!

Enjoy your breakfast.

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