Introduction: Button Making

Hello, In this simple Instructable, I will teach you how to make buttons in any theme with a computer, button materials, and a button press.

Step 1: Materials

For this Instructable, all you need is a button press, computer, and the button materials: a laminate circle, the back of the button, and the metal front piece.

Step 2: Printing & Cutting

Print out the design you would like to make a button out of. The design should be large enough to fit on the button, in this case about 2.5 inches across. I used a black circle cutter at this radius to cut my design out, but a pair of scissors can easily cut the design.

Step 3: Pressing the Button

1. Place the metal front in the left slide of the button press.

2. Put the design on the metal front, and the laminate slide on that.

3. Push the left slide under the press, and press down as shown.

4. When you release the press, if you are successful then the button will be held in the press. Now, place the back of the button with the side that faces out down, and push under the press.

5. After pressing down and releasing again, the completed button will be in the press. If all is correct, it will look as shown in the hand.