Introduction: Soldering With Wire Wrapping Wire

In this Instructable, you will learn the basics of soldering with Wire Wrapping Wire, how to cut and strip Wire Wrapping Wire, as well as the all the materials needed and where I purchased them from.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Safety First! You will need safety googles and gloves. You will also need wire wrapping wire, or appropriate wire that may come with the materials you are soldering.

You will also need a soldering iron, and if possible, a stand for the soldering iron itself. If you are not using a stand, you are much more likely to burn yourself or object around you when the iron is resting or heating up.

Step 2: Stripping the Wire

To strip the wire, I used a simple pair of wire cutters. Typically you would use a wire stripper, as pictured above in red. But by being careful, you can cut into the insulation and pull it right off. For soldering, you typically want to take about 1-2 mm off of the insulation.

Step 3: Soldering

For the actual act, be sure that your soldering iron is clean. To do this, you can twist the tip of the soldering iron in a tinner/cleaner (not pictured). Then, to get the excess off, lightly brush the tip along a damp sponge. Don't hold it on for too long, though, or the sponge will be burned.

Securely fasten the items that you are soldering. In this instructable, I soldered two pieces of wire wrapping wire together as an example.

Touch the tip of the soldering iron to a strip of solder, and let it melt onto the object you are soldering. In the third picture, this has been done successfully and two pieces of wire are bound together by solid solder.