Introduction: Buying Your First Ocarina

Now many of you are probably new to ocarinas as am I, may I say it is a beautiful instrument and amazing to play ( wonderful sounding as well), there are many types and many choices... this Instructable will help you decide which kind you want and where you can buy one

note: Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time-ocarinas did not originate in this game and were made a long long time ago... research it 0.~

I do not own any of these photos and am using them as merely a reference and something beautiful to look at =]

Step 1: History of the Ocarina

The first ocarina maker was the inventor himself Giuseppe Donati. when you ask? - a long long time ago XD

Step 2: Some Ocarina Types!

Well there are many types of ocarina ranging from pendants,mountain,transverse, and sweet potatoe (im sure theres at least 1 more)haha and some people even make the weirdest kinds...but nonetheless play beautifuly and all these range from 4 to 12 holes unless you get into the double and triple ocarinas

the first is a 12 Hole tenor ocarina which i own and is an STLOcarina, the second is a sweet potato STL(from hole, the third is a 4 hole pendant ocarina i beleive to be a songbird we will cover the sites later, the fourth is a 12 hole soprano zelda replica that STL has just recently added to their inventory, the fifth is a mountain ocarina, and the sixth picture is a bunch of ocarinas made into various animal shapes


you may be asking yourself well thats all fine and dandy but what kind of ocarina should i start of with. Well ocarinas are amazingg instruments my first and only so far is a 12 hole transverse tenor from STL and i love it but that may not be your type so i will cover a few here there are many materials taht an ocarina can be made out of... Wood,Ceramics,and plastic;

WOOD-makes a beautiful sound and plays as if it were singing

CLAY/OTHER- also a beautiful sound just liek wood but will sometimes break if dropped

Plastic- i do not suggest plastic unless for a child who will constantly drop his/her ocarina; the plastic are of course more durable but do not play as well, im serious just look at a few reveiws on youtube

Picture 1= a wooden ocarina from hindocarinas

#2- a plastic ocarina , kind of cheap if u ask me

#3- a ceramic 12 hole tenor yet again =]] (the one i play) i think these are pretty

Step 4: Where Can You Get an Ocarina?

You can get an ocarina from various sources varying from such places as to the internet to a music store although i rarely see one in a music shop.

Below i will list a few sites i browsed before making my purchase nice selections/beautiful5/5 instruments5/5 zelda reps and pendats 5/5 instruments made of wood5/5 where else than ebay?5/5 instruments4/5
just to name a few... but dont take my word for it! explore and find what you think suits you! thers a whole world of beuty and instrumentalism out there

Step 5: My Stl Ocarina

After i learned to play it i finally went to my cousin ed's and got to record and use his camer although i could not get video without the sound being horrible here are a few pictures and other stuffs i have decided to add because i could not figure out how to make a "how to play ocarina" instructable with them

Step 6: Special Thank You

Thanks to all of you who have read this and i hope you now have a better understanding of the ocarina. and i hope you enjoyed it