Introduction: Bye Bye Blackbird

Living on the beach is one of those dreams that most everyone has. Some get to actually do it.

Unfortunately, someone usually comes along to spoil these dreams... In this case the Blackbird.

Balcony railings are the perfect landing place, and the condo balcony the perfect "out house" for these birds.

Some background:

Sea gulls, ("the white garbage rats of the beach"), are also an annoyance, but can kept away from pools and gathering places by the judicious use of nylon fishing line strung randomly overhead. The fishing line, even though clear, reflects just enough light to discourage the birds from landing.

Blackbirds on the other hand, generally prefer locations that are difficult to shield.

Step 1: The Solution:

The solution:
Knowing that the nylon string was a great deterrent for sea gulls, I decided to try to use it against Blackbirds. I used a clear plastic cable clip and drilled a small hole in one end to accept a nylon fishing line. The cable clip had an adhesive back and was attached at one end of the porch railing. A second cable clip was attached to the other end of the railing and a length of 6 lb test nylon fishing line strung between the clips. The line is so light that even a small pre-tension, elevated the string above the railing about 1/2 inch. (over a 15' railing length).

Step 2: The Results:

Our condo had been experiencing some severe problems trying to discourage these Blackbirds, which were difficult to frighten away, and created a considerable mess on residents balconies. After the lines were installed, I personally witnessed several Blackbird attempts at landing which were discouraged by the lines.

Also, residents who were previously targeted by the Blackbirds, no longer had to cleanup their balconies.

Step 3: The Really Good News:

The lines themselves are virtually invisible. And they are non-intrusive.... You can place your hands on the balcony railing and the lines simply 'deflect' out of the way.

You do not even feel their presence, and only notice they are there if you look.

How rugged are they?

I was amazed that after installation in March, they were still in place a week later, then a month later, and now 6 months later.

Last week,... we survived hurricane Irma... and the lines survived without damage. (Absolutely Amazing!).

And best yet... no more Blackbirds!

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