Introduction: CAD Salt & Pepper Shakers

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This was another project I did using Pro desktop. This is not the whole project but the Pro desktop images. Pro desktop is really useful, other programs like google sketch up are really useful and free!!!!
The kind of look like Rockets....Pretty cool....Space salt......Salty.......

The Shakers consist of three Parts:

The Base: A flat base for support that curves up to meet the top. The base has a screw part where the top will screw on. to fill the top is taken off.

The Wings: The wings are mostly there to look cool and different from normal salt shakers. they act as a little bit of a support just in case the shaker is knocked over. 

The top: Located at the top of the top is the letter P or S, S for Salt and P for Pepper. The top is flat with a single 3mm hole in the centre for the condiment to pass through. the top much like the bottom curves down to meet the bottom with a thread which screws onto the base. 

Improvements: The top should be smaller and the base bigger, this would allow more salt or pepper to be put into the shaker.
                         There should be four wings so that it is supported on all sides. For Design purposes i should have put an exhaust    onto the bottom to make it look more like a rocket, but the simplistic look looks good.

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