Introduction: CHEAP Amplifier With Material Around Your HOUSE

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Who want to put out the money for a speaker which can do the same thing at your house with some materials? Absolutely NOT me! This will show you the most amazing craft you'll ever actually make!

Step 1: Materials (Around YOUR House)

These materials are most likely to found around your house! These are:

- Duct Tape

- 2 plastic cups

- Paper towel roll


- Marker

- Scissors are optional, this will all be explained

Step 2: Marking and Tracing

For this step, place your phone on the paper towel roll and trace around it. Now place the paper towel roll against the two cups and trace that.

Step 3: Cutting (ADUT SUPER VISION)

I promise you you'll be sorry if you don't do this with an adult. I once cut my self and it was BAD. So PLEASE have an adult with you.

Now you are going to cut out the marks you trace. Then do test fit and see if it fits, then modify it.

Step 4: OPTIONAL: Trim

If you want you can trim off some roll so it's a little smaller.

Step 5: Assemble All of the Parts

But all together to see how it fits.

Step 6: Tape It

Get your duct tape and tape the cup to the roll.

EXTRA: fold over some tape so it's easier for next time

Step 7: OPTINAL: Changing Direction

Trim off the front, so the sound waves won't bounce back and forth, but just out.

Step 8: PARTY!!!

Now just insert your phone with the speaker in the roll and listen to you creation ROAR. Feel free to decorate you master piece with colors or glitter.

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