Introduction: CHEAP Bluetooth Receiver 10 Bucks

I bought a groove cube Bluetooth speaker from Wal-Mart for 10 bucks an some change. now of course it sucked, but it's being repurposed anyways.

Step 1: Take It Apart.

I used a small regular screwdriver to get in between the outside cover an the bottom cover where the power bottom is. just went around an popped the bottom cover off. now inside is the chip, battery, an a really small speaker.

Step 2: Speaker Pins

here are the two speaker terminals. where the head phone Jack will be soldered in.

Step 3: Drill a Hole in the Side of the Cover

pick a bit that's a little smaller then you wire. I also used a small zip tie to keep the wire from being pulled out.

Step 4: Solder It Up.

ground to ground an the two speaker wires to the positive pin.

Step 5: Put It Back Together an There You Go. Plug It in to an Audio in or a Aux Port. Trim It on an Connect.

there ya go. eazy peazy