Introduction: CITROËN C4 Glove Box Compartment Lid Handle and Spring Replacement Repair Fix Kit Black Reinforced Plastic Instructions Install Guide

The Problem

The glove box handle is delicate and snaps easily stopping normal usage of the glove box.

It is a common issue with Citroen C4 vehicles for items to become jammed in the glove box lid, this leads to pressure being put on the lid handle, this is a delicate item and snaps very easily. Until now this either left owners without access to their glove box or the glove box was left permanently open. The only alternative was to purchase a new lid at £150+

Symptoms of the fault

Has the glovebox lid handle from your Citroën C4 snapped, fed up of not having access to your glovebox or of it being permanently open, don't want to replace the whole lid?

Vehicles affected and compatibility

Citroën C4 2004–2010 (Including but not limited to Citroën C-Triomphe, Citroën C-Quatrè, Citroën C4 Pallas, 3-door coupé, 5-door hatchback, 4-door sedan)

Associated part numbers

Glove box lid: 8218 N1, 8218 N2, 8218 N3, 8218 Q1, 8218 N5, 8218 N6, 8218 N7, 8252 AW.

Our solution

Fit our reinforced plastic glove box lid handle and use your glovebox again.

We now have THE solution, our reinforced plastic replacement glove box handle, this fits in the slots that the old handle used to and operates in exactly the same way, the only change is that it is made from a reinforced plastic and will not break. Our part simply push fits in to place and takes just seconds to install. Also included is a replacement spring in case the original has been lost or damaged. Save the cost of a complete new glove box lid which would just fail again, install our unique reinforced plastic handle and resolve this fault permanently.

You will receive

1x Plastic handle

1x Handle spring

From X8R Ltd

Step 1: Remove the Broken Handle

  • Using a blunt pry tool - so as not to damage the glove box, pry out the old handle from within the glove box.

Step 2: Fit the New Handle

  • Offer up the new handle to the glove box, ensuring the spring is orientated as shown.
  • Slot into place and press in until it's seated correctly.
  • This will now leave the two tabs of the spring sticking out.
  • Using the blunt pry tool press these back behind the glove box handle.
  • Test function of the new handle.

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