Introduction: The Black WIDOW CNC Machine

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The CNC machine is based on the working of the stepper motor and servo which are in interface with arduino and motor shield.

lets see wats the base......

Step 1: Components

The major components necessary for the project are;

•Arduino (Mega)

•Motor Shield (L293D)

•DVD stepper Mechanism (XY- plotter)

•Speech to text sensing System( Speech to text app)

•Programming Softwares

•Inkscape v0.91.1(gCode generator)

•Processing v3.3 (gCode executer)

•Arduino v1.6.7

Step 2: Programming Materials

1. Execute the arduino cnc program.

2. Run the GCODE Executer Program using processing software.

3. Then Execute the g code by pressing g on the keyboard and selecting the code.

Step 3: Connections

Open the scrap DVD Drive and remove internal moving tray..

This tray having stepper mechanism on it this will act as our X-axis & Y-axis. Go through the attached pictures for understanding how to assemble your machine. make hole on empty DVD drive case mount our X-axis and Y-axis on respective DVD case with the help of nut bolts. Now place them perpendicular wiring and further connections are given based on the pics above and just follow them in order to make the output.

Step 4: Completed View

this will be the completed view and then make the complete setup and mount the pen with the pen holder using the front part of the dvd writer.