Thermoelectric Generator

Introduction: Thermoelectric Generator

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u can make ur own generator and use it in certain emergency conditions

lets have a look in how to build a Thermoelectric generator..

Step 1: Step 01

we need

1. Peltier plates 12v

2. some metal case and stand

3. boost circuit made or bought as module some screws

4. some strong adhesive

5.voltage regulator

6. adhesive

Step 2: Step 02

fix the metal case onto the stand where the holes are provided and make it fixed

Step 3:

place the peltier plates in and take out the wires through the holes provided to make the plates to get stabilized in the case

find some heat insulating small tubes to prevent the contact of wires along the case.

Step 4: Step 04

place the Peltier plates and then place the metal plates onto the plates and make it to be stabilised for some time and then ............

Step 5:

place some adhesive in its sides to prevent the flow of or leakage of cold water going to be poured in.

Step 6: Step 06

place the candle and the boost circuit in their respective positions as shown in the figure.

if un able to get a module make one using the components necessary and make a boost module on the bread board.

Step 7: Step 07

important notes

1. make the cold water enough chilled to make the heat produced by the candle to get heated.

2.if u make a boost module u must provide separate input voltage for the boost module.

3.use a voltage regulator for better safety.

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    6 years ago

    Awesome Idea But Rejected By Dumb Peoples


    7 years ago

    peltiers are a LOT less efficient than TEG modules.

    the increase in efficiency is well worth it, if you are ordering parts anyhow.

    if you ripped the peltier(tec) out of an old computer cooling system or picnic cooler, then definitely give that a go first. free is almost always cheaper than store bought. at least until Murphy starts talking about his law.

    Steve CSJ
    Steve CSJ

    Reply 7 years ago

    thanks for ur words...