Introduction: CNC Stampers! a Fun & Easy Project

Have a small CNC machine? Have kids too? Here's a super fun project to make either with the little ones or for them. (It's even fun for adults).

The video shows the process, but basically any image either drawn in a vector program, like Inkscape, or snagged online with a screen snip can be turned into a stamp.

For this project I snipped a Minion dude online, brought the snip into Inkscape, and then converted it to a vector with the trace option. The next step is to draw a box around the vector image, and run the difference command to separate the vector from the back of the stamp. And that's about it in Inkscape.

The file is saved as an .svg and then opened in for tool paths.

For the stamp material I used flattened PVC plumbing pipe but all kinds of materials could be used, from wood to sign foam or even Corian. Play around with the different backings for different effects.

Video link:

Thanks for taking a look!