Introduction: CORN HOLE

Corn hole, Corn hole is a game where you have balls or bean bags. The point of this game is that your throw balls or bean bags into a hole, you can play with one or 5 people. This game can be used at team work, vs and much more ways of divide how you can play this game, this corn is different from others because of the types of work that we did on it and we will explain how did this.

Step 1: Buy Your Materials

The place that we bought our materials is from Home Depot, but mostly all the things that you will need for this backyard game are from anywhere. Here are the materials that we used


-2 feet x 4 feet good Fellow

-2 feet x 4 feet wood





Step 2: Cutting Holes and Sanding

We started with this first because we wanted to do the hardest thing, it took longer because there were times were one of us had to hold and really tight as the other makes the circles. “Slowly as possible”

Rule number one

Find the angles of the circles by dividing the good fellow in where the circle needs to be.

Rule number two

Then cut the circles from the Good fellow

Rule number three

Start sanding the circles into its more of a roundish shape.

Step 3: Gluing the Materials

After cutting all the circles we worked on putting all the pieces together with glue, the reason why we did this is because we bought really thin wood and We also put weights on it so the glue will stay in one place so it will not move

Rule Number 1

glue All four pieces into the Good fellow

Rule number 2

Put weights for about one day till it will freeze

Step 4: Painting the Material

We started painting the material first with graffiti we also changed the picture that we found to something more better or you could say fascinating. Then we painted the rest with patterns that will be good.

-First chose a picture that you will like for your corn hole

-second put tape so you could cover the places you do not want to paint

- Third just paint it

- Fourth take all the paint off

Step 5: Putting the Leg for Corn Hole

The rest of the wood that we had left, was used to put the back to the wood, all we did is wated for a day so it will be glued upend ready for fun. -_-

Rule number one

the materials that we are using for the leg Is going to be connected to the back of the wood fellow.

Rule number two

-The sticks will be glued