Introduction: COVID 19 MOLECULE

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I got tired of seeing covid faceplates and pp stuff so I made the REAL THING.

Step 1: Size Test on Ball

Print a size test with 2 ea 'bottom female' halves and a 'join plug' first. This will test your printer size. I use a razor knife edge to knock down the edges so they fit better. That is the inside of the halves and the edges of the plug. The ball should fit snug and stay connected..This test is faster than waiting 4 hours on the real model to see if things fit.

When happy with the size, print the 'best half' with supports. One normal and one MIRROR.

After printing clean the hairs and fit the plug to one half.

Step 2: PAINT

I just use a RED sharpie to add some red to the protein tips. I think dunking in paint will add too much color. It is nice to have the depressions stay yellow and the red on top.

I also used red finger nail polish.

My covid looks like the real deal...not spikes or trumpets for proteins.

please see my MANY other instructables...

STAY SAFE... oldmaninSC

Step 3: Files in Stl and 3mf

I like microsoft 3d Builder...very easy to work with. Keep a master file and each change as a seperate file.

Don't merge. Seperate files are better if you want some changes later. Only work in 3mf and 'save as' stl when a final project.

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