Introduction: COVID-19 : Protect Hands With Disinfectant Bag

In the fight against coronavirus, we should reconsider wearing gloves. Because are not healthy.

The main purpose of my project ,instead of wearing that sterile notsuitable gloves is to develop a home-made product.

Eliminating some contact problems caused by wearing gloves to protect yourself when we go out and I developed a disinfectant bag recommendation to avoid using gloves. With materials that you can easily find in your home.

Let's disinfect our hands easily anytime, anywhere


  • disinfectant liquid

  • small bags or purses
  • balloon
  • oil bottle cover ( stopper leak-proof )
  • spray cover ( optionally )
  • velcro tape ( for to stick on clothes )
  • neck strap ( optionally )

  • Materials for Assembly based on your material selections (hot glue gun - glue sticks,needle and thread )

Step 1: Sealing the Oil Bottle Cover

Enclose the mouth and hole of the cap with silicone.In this way,disinfectant liquid flow will be provided with a small hand movement without opening the lid

Step 2: Attach the Cover to the Balloon

Decide what cover you will use and attach the cover to the balloon after put in the disinfectant liquid into the balloon.

Step 3: By Hanging or Sticking on It

Thanks to the velcro band, it will be easier to put on and off the bag.

According to your preference can use by hanging or sticking on it

Step 4: FINAL : Put the Balloon in the Bag of Your Choice

You can make your own disinfectant bag at home.

Protect your hands with this project, which is practical, optional use variety and easily made.

Step 5: How Do I Use ?