Introduction: CPU-Like Microcontroller

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Today's projects is a really interesting one. I came up with a really easy and cheap way to convert SMD (Surface Mount Device) TQFP (Thin Quad Flat Package) into a pin interface.The final result seems very much like an old Intel Pentium CPU. So let's make our own CPU-Like Microcontroller using an ATMEGA IC.

So let's get startted!

Step 1: Requirements

1)The Converter, I bought it from here

2)The IC, in my case it is the ATMEGA128A Microcontroller, bought from here

3)Male Header Pins, bought from here

and basically, that's all!

Step 2: Soldering the IC on the Board

Well I cannot explain how I exactly I did that so I recommend you see this video , it explains everything very good

NOTE: You don't need to have a Flux Pen you can do it with normal Flux or even Spray Flux

Step 3: Soldering the Pins on the Board

Also, nothing special to say here, just cut the pins to the proper size so that they get in place solder on pin so as not to get off the board then solder all of them putting some flux so that they will not bridge

Step 4: Outro

Now you can use your SMD TQFP IC easier using this converter and it also can be used with an old Mother Board CPU Socket!

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