Introduction: Solar Variable Power Supply

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Nowadays, more and more people use the Solar Energy. As we now Sun's energy is limitless. So today instead of showing how to make a boring Variable Power Supply I will show you how to make one very quick, easy and cheap.

Step 1: Gather the Compounents.

1. Solar Panel. I used a 60w one with an output voltage of 20v but you can use a more affordable one like a 1w, 6 volts output. Mine was around 100 euros (91 dollars) and I bought it for an energy efficient house which I am working on it right now (Note: I could make an Instructable for that it is very interesting).

2. Personally, I like banana connectors so I used the very much. So Banana Male and Female Connectors, but again you can use other types of connectors depending on the current output of the Panel.

3. Screw Terminals for the output current. Again you can use other types of connectors depending on your needs

4. Wire depending on the output current.

5. A good enclosure, I used this

6. Soldering Iron, Solder, Shrinking Tube, Common Tools, and a drill.

7. The heart of the system, a Buck, Boost Converter with Variable Voltages and output Current, I used this

Everything here was bought by 2 shops here in Greece, Grobotronics and Cableworks and they deliver their products all around Europe.

Step 2: Hook Up Your Wires Into the Panel and Mount the Connectors.

If your panel is smaller than mine and has not the above black box just solder wires to the corresponding place.

I recommend for the banana to first solder the tip of the wire and then mount it.

Use the shrinking tube to protect the connections.

Step 3: Schematic

The schematic as you can see is very simple.

Step 4: Prepare the Enclosure.

I did not document how I made it but I will explain. I first drilled an 8.5 mm hole for the banana female connectors.

Then another hole with a diameter of 6 mm was drilled for the output wires where I soldered the screw terminals too.

Finally, I found the best place for the Converter I glued it there and I began the soldering.

In+ to Red Female Banana

In- to Black Female Banana

Out+ to Red Wire corresponding to the + terminal of the screw terminal

Out- to Black Wire corresponding to the - terminal of the screw terminal

Glue everything in place and you are almost done. Find where is the approximately the trimmers on the upper side of the box and drill hole so as to be able to use the trimmers. Screw the upper side to the box and you are done. You can do what I did on the box. Write on it.

The Project was made by the ARP Robotics Team.

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Step 5: Future...

In the future, I am thinking of adding a display so as you can see the Voltage and the Current or even add an Arduino and tell the Power and the Energy consumed!

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